We can sell your home for top dollar and at a significantly lower cost to you than most other real estate agencies, through our customized commission structure. We charge you only for what you need and not a penny more.

In our experience the three most critical factors in selling a property are proper pricing, exposure to the market place through a computer database such as Multiple Listing and skillful negotiation with potential buyers (this is how we sell our own properties.)

We are licensed New York State Real Estate Brokers with decades of experience and have sold or supervised the sale of millions of dollars in real estate. We are also Real Estate Appraisers with significant experience in valuing both residential and commercial properties.

Our small team will professionally value your property, expose it widely to the marketplace and provide you with ongoing feedback regarding activity on your property, and its current competition. We will then employ our significant valuation experience to negotiate the best possible sale price with potential buyers.

The service we provide is not for everyone. We appeal to the knowledgeable seller who wants fact-based, impartial and well-reasoned guidance presented in a manner similar to what they might expect from their accountant or financial advisor. And they want this at the most reasonable cost possible.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. We can generally answer most questions over the phone, including our fee for service, and there is never any obligation or pressure to use our services.

Our Promise to You

We will:

  • Professionally price your home; this is not an appraisal but we are professional Real Estate Appraisers and Brokers and we employ advanced, experienced-based valuation methodology.
  • Expose your home to sales agents and buyers through the Multiple Listing Service as well as other commercial listing sites such as, Trulia and Zillow.
  • Monitor activity on your home, as well as in the surrounding area, and provide you with regular activity reports and fact-based analysis of your home’s progress.
  • Negotiate the sale of your home with potential buyers; our significant valuation experience provides an edge in fact-based negotiation, and we will help ensure you receive the highest price possible.
  • Perform the above services at the lowest price possible, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in commission fees.

We Will Not:

  • Put any pressure on you to either sign a listing or sales agreement. You are the boss and we respect your wishes.
  • Mislead you about the sale price you can reasonably expect to receive, or make excuses for why the home is not selling (you need truthful advice and factual data to help you make good decisions throughout the process.)
  • Employ marketing strategies that do not work. Open houses for example are rarely productive and are in fact an invasive waste of your time in our opinion. Would a family transferring into the area, or one whose home recently sold and needs to rapidly find a place to live, waste time driving to open houses? – Of course not. They typically conduct their own internet-based research and use a Realtor to show them several houses from Multiple Listing – and they buy one of them – these are the buyers you want.